Our personalities are harsher than ripping a bong without water, but we LOVE our customers, and we strive to deliver the highest quality and highest cannibinoid count possible in our products. Unfortunately, some competitors do not feel the same way. They love your money, and they deceive you. It’s difficult enough to attract mainstream to embrace the positive impact of cannabis on our health and wellness, and taking advantage of customers by false advertising on packaging should not be tolerated.

You may notice that Diamond Venom products list the MG count of cannabinoids a bit lower than our competitors. That's because we will not decieve you. We print an approximation of cannabinoids on the low-end, so you know the minimum amount that is in your product at first glance. Scan our QR code and you'll be directed to the lab report of the actual batch to see that the cannabinoid count is actually higher than what’s printed on the packaging. Compare our lab tests to a competitor and you'll notice that while they advertise much higher cannabinoid counts on their packaging, it's generally not consistent with their COA.