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Diamond Venom

We’re a cannabis company that represents you: the mysteriously intelligent, extreme, edgy, and sexy consumer who reinforces the taboo, shock, and audacity associated with cannabis. We waste no time trying to cajole others into taking ownership of their power, health, and wellness by using cannabis.


Diamond Venom has strategically aligned with the best local farms and extractors in the midwest. We are extremely passionate about creating new products with the re-discovered molecules that arise from evolving extraction processes.

All of our products online are hemp derived, and compliant with the 2018 farm bill. A small number of states are still afraid of cannabis, and they want to make sure that you are too. Some products may not ship to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah.

Please be mindful of your state laws when ordering, and petition respective governments to support your intelligent decision to use cannabis products without 20th century anti-cannabis propaganda.

Synapse and Neuron cells sending electrical chemical signals

Quality and Bioavailability

The cannabis market has been flooded with unregulated and mislabeled products that cheat unsuspecting consumers with poor quality and under dosed products. Additionally, cannabinoids are delicate molecules that are no match for our body’s ingestion barriers, making bioavailability very low.

The combination of low-quality products, and low bioavailability has created a major problem in the cannabis industry that Diamond Venom solves. Our products ensure that your receptors are fully saturated with cannibinoids and terpenes so that you're feeling the entourage effect... and not the placebo effect.

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